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Posted: September 14, 2011 in Fandom
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After reading many articles about Yunjae shipper doing fortune reading of Yunjae. I text Noe if she want to went to fortune teller with me. I explained her everything.

We did google-ing and decided to go to these two fortune teller. One at Sungay wang  plaza and the other at Berjaya Time Square. at the first day, we went to Berjaya time square. Looking for this madam named Alice Toh (?. if not mitaken). I was  sure I have ever seen her place at 4th floor, but when we looking aroundwe couldn’t find her. thought may be she moved, we searched from ground floor to 7th and still couldn’t find her.

2nd day we tried our luck at sungay wang, I didn’t know if this FT is a male or female, but let’s assume them as a male lol. I have ever seen his place too at ground floor and google said so. Since we couldn’t find any sign of his place at directory, we just search around ground floor. as I remember the place was right in front of a saloon (kimarie saloon I guess). But damn, we found nothing, even from 12t floor to 3rd back to ground floor again and then to the next floors. We were crazy.

We weren’t giving up, so we back to Time square. Short story, we finally found her place at 3rd floor. No wonder We couldn’t find the place, her previouse place was look like errrr pretty dark and smell of magic. but thiss, it was just plain and located at real corner. let’s say, hard to find.

A woman around 29 y.o. great us. we asked if we can do a tarot reading. she said yes. I thought She was Madam Alice’s assistant and Madam Alice herself who will do the reading but it wasn’t. This woman started put cards on the table and We realized she was the one who would do the reading. I asked If it was okay If the person we want to read wasn’t at there, and she said yes. Noe was about to pick the pics of Jae and Yun from her bag. But She said no need, we just have to think about the person.

She asked what do we want to know. We told her We want to know if this guy is in a relationship. She asked me to put my left hand on the cards and think about the person (I thought about JJ first) and the question silently and separated them in to two and let me picked seven cards. She started reading the card. She said “He isn’t in any relationship. He currently focus himself for his friends and family. If He has any girl He likes He will ask for his family and friends advices first” not exactly like that but it was about that. I was like huh? really. well I think It wasn’t spesific. Being unsatisfied I whishpered to Noe “Should we ask to the point?”. Noe was thought for awhile, “Go ahead”.  I explain her, “mmm. this guy is actually looks very feminine. We want to know If He is into guys or girls?”. I swear could see her smile a bit lol. and she shuffle the cards, let me put my hands on the cards, repeating the previous process, She said few things but the point was “He prever girls”.

Noe and I startled. It amazed me everytime I read this kind of fan account, fortune tellers always told that Jae is into guys. This was the first time there was Yunjae fortune reading stated that Jae is straight. Not we expect her to say that Jae prever guys……… Well a bit………… OKAYY MUCHOOOOOOOO

Yunho turn, she asked If we have same question as before, want to know If He’s in relationship? We said yess. I put my hand on the card and asked differently. I think about If Yunho is into guys or girls, not mentioning I f he’s in relationship or not. She read, ” He isn’t in any relationship as well. He focus on his work, He’s a hard word working man. and He enjoy his status as a single”.

WTH. You know What I think? From the first time She read JJ, I already doubt her. Please don’t call me pathetic or denying the result because of my Yunjae-ness. It’s not like that. believe me. If you were there you will feel the same too.

 If there is a reading that I think good and make sense It must be this,

She and  her friend went to three fortune teller!! Daebak! may be I should try it again?

Well, although It was disappointing, but we learn something haha.

And actually we on the first day, we were not only looking for Fortune teller but also gave a korean restaurant a picture of DBSK and they agreed to put in on their wall. detail later.. kinda busy now ;p


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