Posted: August 19, 2011 in Life
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These are things that I love  and want to do mostly i my life:


Have I ever been to Paris?, No.

 Have I ever been to Japan?, Nope.

Have I ever been to Japan?,  Never.

Have I..?, No I haven’t.

I have never been to anywhere.

But I know where I want to go in the near future^^











well, top five. I have more list but over all, these five places are a must. one or two years later. I’ll definitely go to these places. Berry-ah, fighting!!


Let’s say I’m not good at this yet.  But I’m trying, you know. everytime I dance I can feeling the awaken soul inside my heart and it built sparks in my chest. I love dancing. I love when my body just flow along my favorite songs. It’s true good feeling. Should I sign up for dance class?. I think so. Right after back to Indonesia of course.


Since I love Kpop much. Is there any Korean fans who don’t like or don’t want to learn Hangul? I don’t think so lol. I like watching Korean, Japanese, and Chinese drama, and I think their language is really interesting. Okay I,m getting sound boring lol. but it’s true. I have tobe  able to speak at least two of them.

I think I should stop now. I have night shift today and I need sleep for real.  Bbyeong!


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