Breath-taking Jaejoong Tweets

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Fandom
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July, 26th he tweeted

@mjjeje Junsu is always the first among the members to wake up. Among the tired members, the first to do his hair, make up and the first to do his shoot. He has been like this for 8 years. Junsu’s Sincerity is what brought us here and I’ve come to emulate Junsu as a colleague and friend. There ara a lot of lifelong lesson to be learned from Junsu.

@mjjeje Yoochun who is always impartial. He is always in the middle watching over everyone. That’s why te members do not have such thoughts that we are alone. During difficult tmies, he shares his free spirit and makes us feel sequre

@mjjeje I don’t know if it’s okay for me to say this.. I miss Yunho and Changmin as well.. No matter what people say, they are our members and I know them better than anyone. Although people may say I’m a foolish.. I really miss tem after all this time.

That night, I’m definitely sure there were thousands people cried including me myself. Jaejoong is always like this. His sweetness and pure heart never fail to make us in love with him. Thank you Oppa


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