My fandom, Cassiopeia

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Fandom
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Become a fan can be so exciting, by just seeing your idol performing on the stage, and you cheering for them, you can smile so wide or crying happy. lots of joy. if you are a fan, you must be familiar with this kind of feeling.

But sometimes it can turn hard too. we would never be on top forever. life has two faces just like coin. I believe that when we supporting, we shuld be there for them no matter when they are on top nor down.

In my case, which my fandom is casssiopeia, I learn a lot. Real a lot. I become a cassiopeia october 2008, mirotic periode. pretty near before the case blew out. In the several months after the problem, I could hardly feel happy. My feeling was total chaos. although I was just less than a year become a cassie, I really love them. Sometimes I cried during my classes, When listening their song, when just alone and nothing to do. It was horrible I call it.

And then Jaejae, yoochun, and Junsu join twitter. It was hard for me before when no one of the boys talk. I could only guessing what’s in their minds. only by reading their tweets make me so happy in tears. They start reveiling a little of their feelings. just like when Jaejoong wrote “JYJ from 東方神起”, or when Junsu wrote a cut of asu wa kuru kara lyric. or when @fuku0501 (friend of jae) tweeted “Maybe u all didn’t know,but Jaejoong is still using 5 members’ group photo as his cell phone wallpaper… I’m touched”, and many more which convince me that the hope is still there.

If Homin said something not really good bout JYJ on TV show?. man, it’s fucking TV show where 95% had already scripted. SM isn’t that fool to let the two telling what’s they feel, right?. So don’t take it seriously. You know SM is behind it. It must be hard for the two too. Even though I think that It would be better if Homin join the three, I know they must be have reason. Reason that they still can’t tell to us. Do you remember that Yunho is the one who most really concern about friendship? You hold that. He won’t sacriifice his friedship with the three for cheap reason.

I believe it will turn good in the end. They believe in us and we should believe in them too.


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